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Doll Baby Doll Set Milk Bottles Feeding Set Dummy Spoon Accessories 6 Pcs

Doll Baby Doll Set Milk Bottles Feeding Set Dummy Spoon Accessories 6 Pcs

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Kids can use each bottle, dummy, spoon, fork, or adorable feeding plate during their pretend play without any effort, as each product is lightweight and designed in an ideal size for small hands to maneuver. Little ones will not get bored during the play and can take their doll accessories anywhere as they will not take up much space in their small backpacks.

Each bottle comes with “milk” liquid. This feature gives it a real-life look. The child can quickly see that their baby doll or teddy has eaten all. Each bottle, positioned upright, will fill again fast so the fun can be repeated, providing hours of enjoyment. The baby doll feeding plate, spoon, and fork come in an adorable pink design with delightful bow details. Perfect addition to your baby doll collection!

The milk bottles come in an adorable magical design, thanks to which the fluid level decreases as soon as the bottle position changes. The bottle tilt design gives the idea of the doll drinking the milk like a normal baby fed by its mummy. This doll accessories set is the ideal addition for pretend-play games. We can assure you that you can not go wrong with this set as a gift for your child or grandchild for any occasion like birthdays, Christmas, or a nice treat without a special occasion.

This set includes six pieces: two feeding bottles, one spoon, one fork, a dummy, and a feeding plate. Baby doll feeding set weight approx. 120 grams. Bring the imagination to your child's life with this unique pink set. This set is suitable for children aged: 3 years and up. Both Bottles and the dummy will fit most of our Bibi Doll's mouths, though please note that for some of the dolls dummy will need to be forced harder (pushed) to be fitted. (Please bare in mind that the kids will need a parent's help to do that).