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Mars Variety Chocolate Bouquet

Mars Variety Chocolate Bouquet

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Treat someone who can’t get enough of chocolate to our delicious Mars Variety Chocolate Bouquet. This impressive trophy display is full of chocolate treats with Mars, Snickers, Galaxy, Bounty and more. This unique chocolate bouquet makes a great gift for all celebrations, whether it’s Happy Birthday, Thank You, Congratulations and more!


The Mars Variety Chocolate Bouquet Contains: 

3x Mars 51g 

2x Snickers 48g 

1x Maltesers 37g

2x Maltesers Teasers 35g

2x MilkyWay 18g  

2x Bounty 57g

2x Twix 50g

1x Galaxy Smooth Milk 42g

1x Galaxy Cookie Crumble 40g